Welcome to Higashi-Izu, the town of the great ocean, mountain and sky!

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Blessed with a warm climate, Higashi-Izu town, located in the middle east of the Izu Peninsula, is well known for hot springs, consisting of 6 hot spring spots:Okawa, Hokkawa, Atagawa, Katase, Shirata, and Inatori.
Thanks to its desirable environment, visitors can taste the fresh, delicious produce and seafood all through the year. Alfonsino and Ise ebi (spiny lobsters) are caught as well as oranges and Wasabi during winter and spring time. Also, surrounded by magnificent ocean, rich wind is one of the important power supply we rely on as a wind power generation; you may see wind turbines along the ocean while traveling.
Various kinds of activities including golf, paragliding, and scuba diving are also very popular. With the feelings of the difference of four seasons, those activities will make your journey more enjoyable and memorable one.

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It can be accessible by the Odoriko express train from Tokyo in 2 hours and 23 minutes.
Between Kataseshirota to Izuinatori, the train goes along the seashore; the view from the window is one of the best in Japan.

History of Higashi-Izu town

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From the Nara and Heian period (8th-12th century), Izu was a place of exile, the place for many nobles, monks and warriors. When the great warrior Minamoto Yoritomo was exiled to Hirugakojima, he formed close relationships with powerful families such as Ito and Kawazu, and it is said that he visited the Hachiman shrine in Inatori. During the Edo period (17th -19th century), the Inatori seaport prospered thanks to the progression of marine transportation. When the Edo castle was being built, the stones to surround the castle were taken from Izu and Okawa, and shipped to Edo. During the Meiji period (late 19th to early 20th century), Higashi-Izu town belonged to Nirayama and Ashigara prefecture. and In 1876, it finally became a part of Shizuoka prefecture, and it was the beginning of the town’s modernization. In 1961, the Izu Kyuko Line was opened to traffic, making it possible for tourists to visit. Now, it is well known as one of the most attractive sightseeing and onsen spots in Japan.

The event of Higashi-Izu town

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①Hinano Tsurusi Kazari, a very traditional festival that displays girl dolls, takes place every January-March.
②Takegasawa park is famous for fireflies. Enjoyable in June.
③Dontsuku festival is a very unique festival that takes place in Inatori every early June. It must be surprising and unbelievable. The festival is said to be originated in the Yayoi period (300 BC-250 AD).

The spot of Higashi-Izu town

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①Atagawa tropical & alligator garden is a facility that boasts the largest variety of alligator and various kinds of tropical plants.
②Izu Animal Kingdom is a facility that includes a zoo and a theme park.
③Atagawa yuyu beach. Feel the sunshine and play whatever you want on the beach. Seaside pools are also available.

The noted product of Higashi-Izu town

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Various kinds of seafood and fruit are available.
Local specialties such as Alfonsino and other local fresh seafood, as well as seasonal fruit like strawberries and oranges can be enjoyed whenever and wherever in Higashi-Izu town.
Also, the wine made from local oranges is a must-try. Toast to your journey and taste its sweetness.

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Higashi-Izu Town Tourism Association

Zip code 413-0411
Inatori, Higashi-Izu town, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 3354 1F
TEL0557-95-0700(Only Japanese speakable)
mailto[email protected]


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